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5 Fast Facts About Abdullatif Alshelash

Sheikh Abdullatif Al Shelash has more than 18 years of experience in financial management systems. The onetime managing director of Dar Al Arkan, the largest developer in Saudi Arabia based on market value, is a board member of Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company. The company, which employs more than 400 people, is headquartered in Riyadh and has offices throughout Saudi Arabia, including in Mecca, Jeddah, and Medina. Here are five fast facts you didn’t know about Sheikh Abdullatif Al Shelash.

1. Abdullatif Al Shelash is a graduate of Purdue University.

He received a bachelor’s degree in facility leadership and supervision from Purdue University in Indiana in 2000. The world-renowned university was voted one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Universities In America by U.S. News & World Report. And he’s in good company: Other notable Purdue graduates include astronaut Neil Armstrong and former NFL star Drew Brees. Al Shelash also holds an MBA from the University of Findlay in Ohio.

Abdullatif Al Shelash founded Bahrain-based Bank Alkhair B.S.C., an Islamic financial services group. He was also an investor.

3. Sheikh Abdullatif Al Shelash served as the managing director of the board of directors of Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company from 2005 until 2019.

According to, the company has fused technology, style, and designer collaborations into properties including residential development Shams Al Arous, which is in Jeddah, the Al-Qasr project in Riyadh, the Al Tilal project, Dar Al Arkan Pagani Tower in Downtown Dubai, and Aida, a mixed-use masterpiece on the hilltops of Muscat, Oman.

4. Sheikh Abdullatif Al Shelash helped Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company grow its capital by $1.4 billion through a private placement in the domestic market.

The company has also collaborated on luxury properties with some of the most sought-after fashion names in the world including Missoni, Versace, Elie Saab, and Roberto Cavalli.

5. Abdullatif Al Shelash is an expert in financial management, information management systems, and real estate development.

During his time at Dar Al Arkan Real Estate Development Company, the brand developed Parisiana Living, a multipurpose, family-oriented community in Riyadh. Dar Al Arkan, established in 1994 in Riyadh, was deemed “Best Residential Property Developer in Saudi Arabia” By Euromoney.


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